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SUNRISE K Series Ironworker Startup and Training Video

SUNRISE K Series Ironworker Startup

new Sunrise training video

SUNRISE Dual-Cylinder Start-up and Training Video

SUNRISE Single Cylinder K-Series Ironworkers.mp4

SUNRISE Single Cylinder K-Series Ironworkers

SUNRISE – Hydraulic Plate Shear Hold-Down.mp4

SUNRISE – Hydraulic Plate Shear Hold-Down

Sunrise Ironworkers – Hydraulic Punch Stripper.mp4

Sunrise Ironworkers – Hydraulic Punch Stripper

SUNRISE Ironworkers – Pipe Notcher.mp4

SUNRISE Ironworkers – Pipe Notcher

SUNRISE Ironworkers – Press Brake Attachment.mp4

SUNRISE Ironworkers – Press Brake Attachment

SUNRISE Ironworkers – Punch Gauge Table.mp4

SUNRISE Ironworkers – Punch Gauge Table

SUNRISE PM-60LT – Urethane Stripper – Channel Punching.mp4

SUNRISE PM-60LT – Urethane Stripper – Channel Punching

CNC Ironworker and Punching Machines

Sunrise CNC Punching Machine.mp4

Sunrise CNC Punching Machine

Sunrise ANC.mp4

Sunrise ANC

SUNRISE – CNC Ironworker – 80 Table – Angle Automation.mp4

SUNRISE – CNC Ironworker – 80″ Table – Angle Automation

SUNRISE XY CNC Ironworker.mp4


Sunrise PM-80T with 20ft ANC.mp4

Sunrise PM-80T with 20ft ANC

Omron Controller Demo part1.mp4

Omron Controller Demo part 1

Omron Controller Demo part II.mp4

Omron Controller Demo part II

Sunrise XY CNC – Triples Punch _ Omron CNC.mp4

Sunrise XY CNC – Triples Punch & Omron CNC

Sunrise CNC Table Punching Angle.mp4

Sunrise CNC Table Punching Angle

Sunrise CNC Punching Flange.mp4

Sunrise CNC Punching Flange

New sunrise cnctable pop up

Semi automatic cnc with 120″ table and CNC plate shear

new_SUNRISE APS 30080M pop up

Sunrise APS 30080M

SUNRISE ALS   New Angle Line System thumbnail

SUNRISE ALS – New Angle Line System


Sunrise HBM Horizontal Bender.mp4


CNC Systems

APS 30080M automatic punch and shear

Sunrise APS – Plate System

SUNRISE ALS   New Angle Line System thumbnail

Sunrise ALS – Angle System

<br>20' In-feed table with squaring rollers <img src=image/plate4.jpg border=1><br>Touch-screen controller featuring multiple programs <img src=image/plate3.jpg border=1><br>Linear-Rail mounted squaring arm <img src=image/plate2.jpg border=1><br>Knurled drive roller featuring dual proximity sensors for accurate plate positioning <img src=image/plate1.jpg border=1><br>Mitsubishi Servo Motor Driven featuring dual linear encoders <br>Optional Hydraulic Plate Shear Hold-Down <br>Optional Hydraulic Angle Shear Hold-Down
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